Tribal decks are one of the most linear deck archetypes in Magic. But there are a few exceptions, and Vampires is one of them. There are many cool ways to build vampire decks (Mono-black Vampire Nocturnus is a popular option), but the deck we have is perhaps the most interesting build - Madness Vampires!

This deck is essentially a value-aggro deck, so we're mainly trying to play a few aggro vampires on turn one and two, and by turn three we'll (hopefully) be discarding cards with madness to a discard outlet and casting them for cheap. Then, because most of the best Madness creatures are vampires, we can simply abuse their tribal synergies and beat down!

Madness Vampires

To build a deck around Madness, we first need cards that have Madness. Out of the four Madness vampires in our deck, two are mainly value creatures: Asylum Visitor and Stromkirk Occultist. The former is quite close to a Bob with tribal synergies since we can dump our hand rather quickly, while the latter can give us an extra, temporary card each turn. These creatures ensure that we do not run out of fuel too quickly.

The other two Madness creatures are our top-end finishers. Bloodhall Priest offers a large 4/4 body at the cost of three mana if we trigger Madness, which is a fine (but not great) deal on its own. But if we are empty-handed, it basically gives us a free Shocks when it enters the battlefield and whenever it attacks. It can mow down an entire board over the course of a few turns, and then it can simply burn the opponent out. Voldaren Pariah   is just a good finisher. Madness it in for triple black, sac three creatures to flip it, forcing our opponent to sac three creatures (which may be their entire board) and leave behind a 6/5 flyer to beat down on the following turn. It takes some setting up, but should just end the game when we pull it off.

Discard Outlets

The best of our discard outlets is probably Stromkirk Condemned. It's for free, and pumping our team is a good effect (plus it's instant speed). The only problem is that we can only do it once a turn, but that should be manageable.

Heir of Falkenrath   is just a one-time discard outlet, but it's a pretty good threat by itself. I wonder what it reminds me of  ...

We have a single copy of Olivia, Mobilized for War, which isn't amazing since it's a three-drop that doesn't immediately impact the board, but if the game goes long it'll be very deadly for our opponent.

Finally, we have Call the Bloodline. It's a little of an awkward card since the discard effect costs mana, and can only be done once per turn. It looks like the good card since with madness cards it generates incremental card/board advantage, but it just wasn't effective enough a lot of the time. I also experimented with Zombie Infestation in the deck, but discarding two cards is just too much and the zombie token was off-tribe, which made it a lot worse so I just cut that card entirely.

Support/Utility Cards

Falkenrath Gorger is probably the most important card in our deck. Giving everything Madness is huge, especially since we don't actually have a creature with Madness that's also a discard outlet. Be thankful if the gorger shows up in your opening hand.

Stromkirk Captain is a vampire lord. Simple enough.

Faithless Looting helps us smoothen our draws and can be a discard outlet. If we don't have our Madness creatures (or don't have enough mana), we can also just use this card as a discard fodder and flash it back later.

For interaction with the opponent/their board, we've got some traditional cards - Fatal Push and Inquisition of Kozilek. We also have cards that are tailor-made for a Madness deck. Fiery Temper is a Lightnign Bolt that's castable when discarded, with the drawback of being Open Fire in most decks. Lightning Axe can kill most creatures in the format, and its downside can easily become an upside with Madness spells.


Black/Red has access to very good budget mana, which is something I love about this deck. Graven Cairns, Sulfurous Springs, Unclaimed Territory, plus singletons of Foreboding Ruins and forboding ruins makes for super consistent mana-fixing. We can even afford Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, a $20 card, to make sure we can pay the double and triple-black costs of some of our vampires, which shows how budget-friendly the rest of this deck really is. Of course, it's fine to cut it for another Swamp if you really want to trim the budget. Oh, and there's Geier Reach Sanitarium for utility and discard.


We have a rather simple sideboard, as always. Damping Sphere against Tron, Tormod's Crypt against graveyards, Duress to fight spell based decks, Smash to Smithereens to beat artifacts (Hey there, KCI.), Pithing Needle for random combos, Pyroclasm because it's always good to have a sweeper, and Big Game Hunter to kill big stuff.

There are two cards which may seem weird: Nahiri's Wrath and Elusive Tormentor  . The former lets us destroy multiple, larger creatures while offering some discard synergy, and the latter is just a really hard-to-kill threat that also has discard synergies. With some mana left open and a few cards in hand, Elusive Tormentor   is basically an unblockable 4/4 with hexproof and indestructible.

Overall, this a very fun and semi-competitive deck (good for FNMs and occasionally you go 5-0 in MTGO leagues), and it's quite cheap, coming at $125 ($105 without Urborg) on TCGplayer.

So that's it, ladies 'n gents, and don't forget to click 'Upvote' if you liked the deck!


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