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Grixis is definitely the most badass color combination (these are facts) and always been my favorite, so ever since I came back from Standard hiatus, I have been playing nothing but Grixis Control (since DTK, spring 2015).

This list plays as a Cruel Control type deck; kill everything they play, gain more card advantage than them, exhaust their gas, drop a win-con, win. stuff.

WAR was very good to us and shook our core quite bit. M20 isn't very exciting for us but we still got a few tools to fine-tune the build such as very necessary Fry VS Teferi decks, even though he rotates soon. With the return of midrange creature decks, heavy removal is back on the menu in the mainboard! I'm looking forward to do some testing with Chandra, Awakened Inferno as an uncounterable inevitable removal powerhouse, which will however be very dependent of just how much Elementals flood the meta.


Suggestions welcomed, +1 appreciated.

Executive Summary - Key Stats

  • Up to 29 copies of 13 different removal options, making sure our removal suite is always as efficient as it can be.
  • 18 of the 34 non-land cards in the mainboard playable at instant-speed.
  • Up to 6 copies of 3 different sweeper options, an essential part of every control deck.
  • Up to 6 copies of 3 different counterspell options, keeping it diverse and making sure we spend as less mana as possible to counter stuff.
  • Up to 21 copies of 10 different digging-drawing-surveiling-copying card advantage options, sculpting our hand and optimizing answers VS opposing threats.
  • Up to 17 instants/sorceries 2-drops, easily re-castable with Mission Briefing .


  • 3 Vraska's Contempt - Still the best catch-all removal card in the format.
  • 2 Moment of Craving - Removal + lifegain for 2-mana, still solid and great target for Mission Briefing .
  • 2 Bedevil - Kind of like the 3 CMC Vraska's Contempt, the artifact hate is nice to have.
  • 2 Angrath's Rampage - Modal cards are powerful. Even at sorcery speed, this new tool, in tandem with the rest of the removal suite, is working beautifully.
  • 2 Blast Zone - Blasting everything from armies of weenies, to enchants, to opposing Teferis + Rals + Bolassess + Eldest Reborns - all in one scoop - IT'S THE MUTHAFUCKIN B-B-BLAST ZONE. Yeah that's right baby, all now have to respect the best mana sink in modern history.
  • 2 Ritual of Soot - Still a must have VS all the aggro-ish creature decks.
  • 2 Cry of the Carnarium - Same same as above. Not exciting but musts.
  • 2 Search for Azcanta   - <3<3<3
  • 3 Chemister's Insight - Num num num.
  • 2 Essence Scatter - Many creatures with powerful ETB effect justifies 2 of these.
  • 2 Negate - The nature of Grixis make it so that non-creatures like enchantments can be a hassle to deal with, so good ol' Negate got our back.
  • 2 Mission Briefing - My snapcastery spells aren't going nowhere. Favorite targets include Moment of Craving , Negate , Essence Scatter and Commence the Endgame .
  • 3 Thought Erasure - Who doesn't like disruption, love the Surveil on it too.
  • 1 Ral, Izzet Viceroy - Draws cards, pitches stuff to yard, kills shit, ends games. I fucks with Ral, and you should too.
  • 2 God-Eternal Kefnet - Awwww hell yeah. Good stats, reasonable price, highly relevant ability and non-dying. What can I say, I'm in love.
  • 2 Commence the Endgame - Now it took a second for me to recognize it but deez muhfuckers are the real deal. At a minimum they are a 3-for-1; draw, make creature, soak removal. But I prefer the 4-for-1 mode myself; draw, make creature, AMBUSH/KILL SOME, soak up removal. Oh and uncounterable.....surrrrrre!
  • 2 Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God - HAIL HAIL HAIL MIGHTY BOLAS. He's like Ral's big brother but on top of drawing, killing shit and ending games, you get to fuck with people by disrupting and using their PWs' abilities. Long live the red black and blue.


One of the best manabase we had in a while. Shocks + Checklands all day.


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4 years in the making, we still continue to kick ass while loyally serving Lord BOLAS. We also finally made it to 666 upvotes! Thx for everyone who's contributed along the way!


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