M14 Sliver


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A basic m14 sliver deck any suggestions on how to make this work are welcomed

Ideal hand should be at least 3 lands and one of either manaswift, verdant, or a shimmering grotto then fill in with slivers


I have not done it yet, I am probably going to drop off some of the enchantments

anyone with any suggestions yet


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This deck is not Standard legal.

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Illegal cards Garruk, Caller of Beasts , Syphon Sliver , Predatory Sliver , Bonescythe Sliver , Groundshaker Sliver , Striking Sliver , Primeval Bounty , Into the Wilds , Door of Destinies , Blur Sliver , Megantic Sliver , Galerider Sliver , Sentinel Sliver , Mutavault , Manaweft Sliver , Thorncaster Sliver
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