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Grixis Control I'd love to build after rotation (Hence the lack of Innistrad Duals)

3 color is hard to pull off with only shocklands but if I have bad mana problems I'll up it to 26 total.

Win cons are fairly simple, both Ral and Jace provide easy ways to simply outlast your opponent. And in control vs control matchups this version will nearly always come out on top. The focus on spot removal and cancel rather than board wipe needs to shift how normal control would be played. Saving mana for a syncopate on a hexproof creature is the difference between winning and losing. On that note I need help in sideboard vs Hexproof decks. Lifebane Zombie and Tidebinder Mage utilize the same role in the deck albeit Lifebane allows more offensive capability. Which set of 4 is mainboarded depends entirely upon the decks you plan to face. Liliana's Reaver is in my opinion a little overrated, BUT in a deck like this a 4 drop when (hopefully thanks to the excess of spot removal) the opponent has no blockers that gives you CARD and CREATURE advantage is really useful. The most common win con is Niv-Mizzet, now all you Aetherling fanboys/girls can just sit down for a second. In a control vs control matchup landing an aetherling may mean the win but with the passing of think twice and lack of any decent (Quicken fanboys/girls I'll talk to you later) means I needed some sort of late game pusher that allows me to simply draw most of my deck. Percentage wise I'm sure aetherling gets more wins but for now I'm mainboarding Niv-Mizzet, his draw ability is just too dam good. I'm considering sideboarding Aetherling but testing is needed.

Lastly, as always I need some advice on what to change. Once a new draw card comes into the scene it will definitely belong here.

Thanks for reading.


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