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My specialty has always been white decks, and angels are something very close to my heart. I found a deck that a lot of this one is based around here and I've modified it to be more lifegain than anything else.

Please keep in mind also, that this is the first "real" deck I've built, so it probably does need a lot of work. I'm not professionally competitive, but I do play "casually" (hardly anyone there has true casual deck) at my local store twice a week, and would like the deck to be more competitive than casual.

I really wanna keep it focused around lifegain with the occasional beefing up creatures here and there (or trolly cards, just to throw a wrench into other players plans), and keep the price in my budget (which, i really don't wanna spend more than $200. thankfully though, a lot of the cards I already have) Any recommendations would be fantastic, and greatly appreciated. Most cards I'm willing to spend about $25-$30 on.



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