Deck that focuses on putting counters on your creatures. Some negative, some positive, and vigilance. With Tayam you're able to find what you need. Gameplan often involves Kathril, Aspect Warper. You want to use the graveyard filling aspects of the deck to get Zetalpa, Primal Dawn into your graveyard and then Kathril is nasty. In addition its been fun killing people with Obelisk Spider once you have a Black Sun's Zenith in hand or a Soul Snuffers. This with proliferate is just hurtful. Lastly another gameplan is simply going big with creatures from Cathars' Crusade and swinging in with vigilance on your creatures over and over. The deck is very adaptable and to me that's what makes it fun. Does take a bit to get things set up and get your counters going. Also relies on Tayam heavily but overall been fun and still looking to make improvements. Built on a budget for a casual play style. Let me know if you have any recommendations or thoughts.


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