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Low-Land Stompy [Elf Tribal]

Commander / EDH




More to come. Ezuri Elf Tribal.


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-1 Deathrender - Very situational, and felt all it was really doing is giving Ezuri +2/+2.

-1 Tranquil Grove - Never used it, and I like my enchantments.

-1 Door of Destinies - Simply worse than Coat of Arms.

-1 Sol Ring - I have enough ramp without a rock. Needed it in another deck.

-1 Survival of the Fittest - Not enough recursion to justify pitching. Needed it in another deck.

-1 Sylvan Library - I sorely needed it in another deck. And I had just freed up Slate of Ancestry.

+1 Scapeshift - 4 Forests into TRON + Cavern. Enough said.

+1 Hall of Gemstones - Multi-colored can piss off. Green, every turn. To be fair, I wanted this to be City of Solitude, but couldn't find one.

+1 Coat of Arms - I'm one of the few tribal players in my meta. This helps only me 95% of the time.

+1 Druidic Satchel - It's the green Swiss Army Knife. Trading Post v0.5a.

+1 Essence Warden - I like elves. I like life. Worth a try, haven't played her in this deck yet.

+1 Slate of Ancestry - I usually have the board presence to justify this. And I like cards.


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