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A pox variant that uses decent creature damage that is swinging usually through an empty field to kill them as fast as reasonably possible, and the pox theme cards exist to set up the board for my heavy hitters (and factory workers heh) to swing for the win. If can get out 2 5 power creatures, it can end games very fast, especially as they aren't the easiest creatures to deal with, removal-wise. Animate Dead is a fun card IMHO since I might force them to discard or sac a really great creature, and sneaking in my Titan for free, at full power, is really a nice perk. I've animated garbage creatures just to sneak into hand a Titan, and I have occasionally managed to discard a Titan for Small Pox, which I can then animate.

The deck seems to perform quite well, and many more competitive decks seem to struggle vs the turn 2 Titan, or a pair of Sinkholes, which can be a bit of a back breaker.

The limited ramp from the Totems is a bit handy, and 2 Inquisitions gives me 2 more spells I can cast the turn I play a totem with it's mana.

As far as ideas go, I'm looking to make this more stable, which is why I added 1 swamp and removed Mind Sludge, which I rarely was happy to see. I think it is a very fun deck to play with, but maybe not against, since it is fast and annoying, though at least it isn't a combo deck. I am seriously considering adding Clackbridge Troll , I'd love the possibility of card draw, even if he's a bit contrary to the deck's overall plan of winning quickly. This deck does a reasonable job usually of keeping the field pretty clear though, so they won't be sitting on many creatures, so it might just be the 3, though ideally a 5 mana card shouldn't just improve my position, it should be a route to a win. So, I'm not 100% on it yet. Likely would remove Drana.

I'm thinking of including some card draw, 2 Phyrexian Arena . Not exactly budget, but it seems like it'd be a good fit. I might also try and fit in some white, I'm thinking of including Flagstones of Trokair , which would benefit from the tossing in of a few more Pox type effects, as well as eventually some dual lands, but that'll be pricey. The big payout I suppose would be Vindicate s to back up my removal, being good vs any permanent would be a huge buff for the deck, being able to deal with enchantments and artifacts potentially.


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I've been working on the sideboard, and I'm not sure what should go in it. I have 2 themes, one to help vs a high creature count deck, and the other to help vs creatureless decks, which require major sideboard adjustment. Rain of Tears can add serious land destruction in total vs a low creature deck, enough to be a real theme in the deck. Wrench Mind can be unpleasant, and works vs creature free decks. I like discard vs counterspells, because they either counter, or risk the loss of the spell, and then they might not be able to counter a Titan, who makes them wish they had a creature base.

By no means perfect, but mono black has very little options to deal with artifacts or enchantments, only a couple clumsy artifact killers in black that require sacing creatures, and no enchantment solutions in mono-black, I feel like land destruction is probably as good a strategy as I'll get, along with discard to thin their hand of good cards with Hymn and Wrench. I suppose their are some artifacts that can maybe solve the problem, but I don't think they are super pleasant to use.

Edit: I thought about it, and I think I'd much rather run 4 Augur of Skulls in my sideboard than 4 Wrench Mind. The Augur does the same job a bit better, and for less devotion (can be helpful, as I draw a ton of Factories it seems), but it does it a teeny bit slower, and is more vulnerable, but again, it also has regenerate, so if I topdeck it late, I can even chump with it, then sac it during my upkeep having regenerated it, and in the event they have no cards, or I feel I need a 1/1 that can regenerate for decent, then I get that. I like this card.


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