A less competitive red aggro deck, just for fun. Lovisa Coldeyes as general, with all creatures being human. Many of its spells are high casting cost, so I've added a bit of mana acceleration- unfortunately that meant less slots for creatures. It's designed for 1v1 games so I think It may some difficulty in 4 player.

The Human concept is meant to have synergy specifically with Lovisa; She Benefits (along with every other creature) from Urza's incubator, Cavern of Souls, and Obelisk of Urd. She adds counters to Door of Destinies and can be equipped with Khondas banner. The Human theme also works well with Kessig Malcontents (its damage can be redirected at planeswalkers) and Riot Ringleader. All constructive criticism welcome. The Deck is vulnerable to artifact hate, has poor card draw and is short on threat removal.



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