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Love Train 2




Pauper Love Train (Axebane Defender combo) with Ritualist. The combo is to put a Freed from the Real on a Axebane Defender (with another wall) and now Oasis Ritualist to make infinite mana and then either 1) Rolling Thunder them to death (Can be found by both Muddle and Train) 2) Drift into Invoker 3) Capsize Mulldrifter into Thunder 4) Capsize their board and beatdown with drifter, flipped captives and ritualist.

Having both axebane and ritualist does make it a lot easier to go off now. This deck is pretty consistent at going off on Turn 4-5 naked and Turn 5-6 with protection or redundant pieces. This combined with high toughness bodies make it so that it can race aggro decks. It can also grind people with capsize, train, and there are times where it is possible to rolling thunder them without having Freed.


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