Are you tired of having any semblance of a consistent win condition? Of having a "coherent strategy"? Are you just sick and tired of playing good decks? Well 5colourjank has a deck for you!

LOSS.DEC (Name subject to change)

With combos galore, surprise the table with the many ways you can win and the many more you can lose! NOTE: There are no infinite combos in this deck. If you are looking for infinite combos, try an alesha or Breya deck. Those usually have some of those.

Here is the list of combos/synergies that can make you win or an opponent lose:

Either everyone else loses instantly or everybody has no more deck.

Either get them to that sweet, sweet 13 life for the upkeep loss for them or just get them down to 1 or 2 life by tapping.

For Demonic Consultation, remember to name something not in the deck, or use it as a very desperate tutor.

Pretty self explanatory. This is a more grindy win condition that is harder to pull off, so you can always put in an Invincible Hymn or a Beacon of Immortality if you want to hit the required life total more easily.

Another slow one. Amulet helps to speed up the process, but is not required. It also helps with the general speed of the mana base itself.

Try to do it at the end of the opponent's end step. As 1 life will be the end goal with this strategy, don't be afraid to use the Wall's ability to protect itself.

A jankier combo that is harder to tutor for. But if you get this off... it still only kills one opponent.

Be careful you don't lose to the effects of the cards themselves before you donate them.

Using Ramos here is a slow and deliberate climb, and it is likely to get removed. You may opt to use Hatred instead, though that requires a creature in play and more mana than Wall of Blood.

So, name a card that is not a nonbasic land with Psychotic Episode. With it on the bottom, cast Tunnel Vision naming the card, milling their entire deck except for one and milling the remainder out with a draw spell. Alternatively, do it to yourself for the Laboratory Maniac win.

Get that sweet Door to Nothingness mana with Ramos, Dragon Engine and something like Bring to Light fetching and casting a Zur the Enchanter or a Zedruu the Greathearted. For Helix Pinnacle, you are just playing the long game and Ramos helps.

This is where the more pillowfort aspects of the deck come into play, with Paradox Haze coming into play.

Draw it back or tutor it up to just win.

Keep making them exponentially for however long your mana holds out or until you have 8 and win.

And finally, the final and likely jankiest combo, Barren Glory + Detention Sphere OR Oblivion Ring + Apocalypse OR Kaervek's Spite

So, you should first exile your Barren Glory with either of Detention Sphere or Oblivion Ring. Then, you need to Apocalypse the board or Kaervek's Spite on your opponent's end step. You then win with Barren Glory.

For combo pieces that are in more than one combo or ones that were used for other reasons (Like using Oblivion Ring as removal initially, or having your Zedruu die prematurely), recur them with Wildest Dreams and Den Protector.

This deck is fairly budget, not considering cards that I already have (Mainly Amulet of Vigor and Sensei's Divining Top).

With that in mind, upgrading the mana base to fetches and shocks (Perhaps with a Mana Confluence) would be the first step in optimizing this deck in order to fix the mana more. with Enlightened Tutor, Academy Rector and Demonic Tutor next in line. Godhead of Awe helps with Tree of Perdition, while an actual Donate would help as well. You may want a Platinum Angel to not lose. Some kind of protection would also be helpful, like a Teferi's Protection or an Angel's Grace, especially considering that you will have low life most of the time. Necropotence is a big one, helping you draw and lower your life total for Near-Death Experience and Transcendence.

Any suggestions for other (preferably budget) instant win combos are welcome, but make no mistake: This deck is prime cut jank and incredibly casual.


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