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Losing Yourself: Lab Man PDH

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Mono-Blue Self Mill Pauper EDH

Laboratory Maniac, a well known win condition in EDH, is making its Pauper EDH debut thanks to Ultimate Masters. The goal is simple: ditch your deck with draw and mill cards. The deck has a couple of gimmicks you can use to whittle down your library:

I've opted out of the Peregrine Drake combo because I wanted to focus on winning specifically with Lab Man but you could add it as an alternate win condition.


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Tested some of the suggested cards and added a few more protection spells. Removed the equipments because most games the creatures were too weak to use them without dying (a combat oriented build could use them with Cephalid Aristocrat to good effect). Ended up not using the 3 CMC artifact creatures with ETB's because the cost restricted plays. Still open to any suggestions on it.


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