This deck can lose on your turn 1 upkeep, I can already smell the meta changing...

Now I know what you're thinking, "WHAT!?! How can a deck this OP exist!?! I mean, it can consistently lose or turn 1!?!" But this deck is real.

I know it is a bit land heavy, having a total of 38 lands, so maybe you can actually play some spells.. But fear not! Every single land in this deck is hand picked for the fact that it is returned to your hand immediately after being played. Yes: Every. Single. One.

Now, if you haven't noticed and gotten it through your thick skull how truly OP this deck is, well, listen: There are a total of 20 spells in this deck that cost 0 mana, so you can play them on your opponents first turn. Now I know, playing things on your opponents turn is a good way to win... But not in this case! As you will consistently lose at the very beginning of your first turn! You cannot get better at losing than that!

I am sorry, I lied. You can get better at losing than that. but only with the power of... STORM CROW!!!!! "What, but Storm Crow is so good it can't even be used in legacy?!?" But there's a twist. We all know that you are required to concede if you so much as see an opponents Storm Crow, as it is utterly hopeless. This would put most decks in a position of winning, but not us! We have to power to counter their concede with our own conceding!!! NYA-HA-HA!!! Now if that isn't diabolical I don't know what is!

Last but not least, this deck is incredibly cheap for it's power, at only $240! I know right!?! You can consistently lose on turn 1 for only $240!!!!!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This deck really will flop the meta on its head! Wizards of the Coast will rue the day it made cards that are so OP, HYA-HA-HA!

All recommendations for new cards will be both appreciated and ignored.

For those of you who haven't the money for such a fiercesome deck, or wish to tone down it's power level, there is a budget version of this deck available, Dirt Cheap Death.

vs Standard BR Aggro 0-2 - I successfully beat him on turn 1 both games, this deck is far too good for any standard deck to keep up with.

vs Legacy Grixis Delver 0-2 - First game was over in no time, second game I was scared by a turn 1 Delver of Secrets  Flip, but Pact of Slaughter removed it and finished the game.

vs. Wrexial, the Risen Deep EDH 1-2 - This guy beat me game 1 with a turn 1 Pact of Negation countering my pact, but I made short work of him the other two games.

Mirror Match 1-2 - He was pretty good but I got him with a well timed Pact of the Titan in game 3.


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