First draft, work in progress.

Win conditions:

Game Plan

Early game: ramp with mana dorks and stax the board with Blood Moon, Sphere of Resistance or Root Maze-like effects. I reckon that for a 100% competitive environment the deck might be short on this end, even though it presents a decent amount of interaction. Might want to consider Price of Glory for heavy control metas (you can actually break parity on this, as we operate mostly at sorcery speed and have lots of land recursion) and Planar Chaos for an early game F-U to storm.

Mid and late game: Work towards one of your win conditions, trying to stick a walker or Titania, Protector of Argoth followed by an MLD spell. If you see an easy way to combo with Kiki-Conscripts just go for it. The combo goes above almost every piece of stax, you just need to activate Survival of the Fittest and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and cast one single spell, i.e. Phyrexian Delver. Stax piece to watch out for that ruin this combo are Cursed Totem and Linvala, Keeper of Silence; Torpor Orb, Hushwing Gryff and Tocatli Honor Guard; Phyrexian Revoker naming Survival of the Fittest; Rakdos Charm when you go to declare attackers after comboing.

Still a very rough draft, all comments and suggestions are welcome!


Updates Add

Well it has been a long time since my last update! After my week off on vacations I had unfortunately to also miss the 3rd week of the commander precon league. That put my odds at making the top 5 and earning prizes to slim at best. However I believe in the miracles of Lord Windgrace and so I sleeved my 40 modifications to the precon (10 per week is the LGS rule) and decided to go for the last of 4 weeks of this tournment. After 40 modifications, barring the landbase, the decklist was very similar, in terms of philosophy, to the final one. A few cards I played due to the fact that I knew that the meta would consist only of precon commander of C18:

  • Vandalblast : I played exactly one artifact, in Sol Ring . Everyone else played more. Saheeli plays a lot more. Against exactly Saheeli I felt this was better than By Force and Meltdown , even though I ended up also playing By Force for redundancy. Estrid runs fewer artifacts than Saheeli and Aminatou, but as no Estrid player showed up for the last week I felt this was auto-include.
  • Constant Mists : Barring giant Eldrazis that make me sac permanents and Altar of the Brood + Felidar Guardian + Aminatou combo, everyone was going for beatdowns as the wincon. Mists as a very easily recurrable fog effect (with crucible of world, Gitrog Monster and our commander to abuse and recur it) was just an extremely powerful idea. For the same reason I ran Crop Rotation and Glacial Chasm .
  • Song of the Dryads : My answers to planeswalkers and eldrazis were short, not to say non-existent, which would be closer to the truth :P This little card solves both problems, even though it does it only once. To that end, and due to the fact that the amount of targeted removal and boardwipes was way higher on this meta than on a competitive one, I also went an extra mile on recursion effects, running all of Regrowth , Noxious Revival , Eternal Witness and Seasons Past for long grindy games (all of them basically).

With this meta considerations in mind, here goes the report of the 2 rounds I played yesterday:

  • Round 1 vs. Windgrace and Aminatou: Well this was father and son, against me, with their wife/mother watching. I imediately felt it would be really tough to fight those odds so I want all-in. Turn 1 Deathrite Shaman , Turn 2 Vampiric Tutor for Survival of the Fittest , Turn 3 Survival leaving 2 activations up. Turn 4 they are both tapped out but I'm one mana short of fetching Phyrexian Delver and playing it. I just pass, waiting for them to tap out again. Aminatou's player does, Windgrace's doesn't. I fetch delver, proceed to combo. Imediately understand they are not understanding I will win. Proceed to be a good guy and tell them how I am about to win. Proceed to be an even "gooder" guy and explain to them that any kind of instant speed creature interaction breaks the combo and forces me to try again next turn. They stop to think a LOT and then Windgrace's player kills Zealous Conscripts and reveals to us that he has necromancy, so he can reanimate conscripts on his turn, steal my kiki and proceed to combo off as I just tutored him on how to. His son starts to pack the cards I stop him as I looked for a solution. Only way out was Aminatou blinking Chupacabra on my Kiki. Reluctantly, I turned son against father for the first and last time in the game. Because after this the great 2v1 galore began. To be fair, knowing that I could combo off out of nowhere made it fair that they ganged up on me. But plays like Aminatou being at 41, I'm at 21, Windgrace's player reanimates Magister Sphinx and chooses to put me at 10 instead of Aminatou... That made me salty. Knowing that on round 2 he let his son combo while holding to Putrefy .... That made me saltier. But it's ok. As a good friend of mine told me "Hey, he's paying for two decks!". I ended up being taken out of the table. Then Aminatou missed lethal 3 times, while I was freaking out watching that from afar xD Windgrace won in the end, while holding at 3 life for 10 turns. At least it was Wakanda forever. Went outside to get some air and reduce my saltiness, while getting ready for the last round of the game.
  • Round 2 vs. Saheeli and Saheeli: The game I prepared for all week. Saheeli nr 1 plays Mana Crypt , Sol Ring , land, go. Well, that's bad. Saheeli nr 2 plays a single land, says he has no interaction for nr 1. That's worse. I have Tireless Tracker , Chandra, Torch of Defiance , Turntimber Sower and lands. Challenge accepted. I plays both three drops and proceed to draw a multitude of cards with Tracker while both Saheeli's build ridiculous boards. Eventually they are both out of control. However I have Vandalblast and Obliterate . One of the Saheelis has Soul of New Phyrexia in the grave so I decide to do what a man does: cast Vandalblast to force Soul to be activated, completely shutting down one of the players while opening up for an Obliterate play next turn with Chandra and Windgrace on board. Actually there was no need. Next turn I topdeck Ruinous Path attack one Saheeli, kill the other, play Avenger of Zendikar and pump plants twice. They scoop.

League summary: Well, played two weeks, 4 rounds, won 3. That's 75% win-rate, not bad at all :P Actually ended up placing 5th, which awards me one M25 booster xD Somehow just playing two of the four weeks I made it to prizes, which makes me feel even better. As for the deck I feel Lord Windgrace is a very powerful MtG card. It packs an insane amount of card advantage and recursion on three colors, opening up the possibility of creating a very solid MLD strategy with combo backup. I feel, though, that this deck will probably end up short of cEDH material. Lack of access to blue makes it really hard to protect your plays and stop other players, short of mulliganing hard for the correct stax pieces. This is not Blood Pod where you play every possible hate piece and will always affect the board in some way. However, in a slightly less competitive meta, this deck needs respect. Not only is the commander VERY powerful, the MLD strategy is solid and becomes a lot more stable with access to black tutors. Next week I'll start testing this in constructed tables and will keep posting updates.



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