First draft, work in progress.

Win conditions:

Game Plan

Early game: ramp with mana dorks and stax the board with Blood Moon, Sphere of Resistance or Root Maze-like effects. I reckon that for a 100% competitive environment the deck might be short on this end, even though it presents a decent amount of interaction. Might want to consider Price of Glory for heavy control metas (you can actually break parity on this, as we operate mostly at sorcery speed and have lots of land recursion) and Planar Chaos for an early game F-U to storm.

Mid and late game: Work towards one of your win conditions, trying to stick a walker or Titania, Protector of Argoth followed by an MLD spell. If you see an easy way to combo with Kiki-Conscripts just go for it. The combo goes above almost every piece of stax, you just need to activate Survival of the Fittest and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and cast one single spell, i.e. Phyrexian Delver. Stax piece to watch out for that ruin this combo are Cursed Totem and Linvala, Keeper of Silence; Torpor Orb, Hushwing Gryff and Tocatli Honor Guard; Phyrexian Revoker naming Survival of the Fittest; Rakdos Charm when you go to declare attackers after comboing.

Still a very rough draft, all comments and suggestions are welcome!


Updates Add

Will also use this list as a somewhat up-to-date report of how the deck is doing and how playtesting is affecting the updates of the main list. However, to begin with, will start with something different.

The LGS I play in is organizing a Commander League, throughout 4 weeks, using the precon decks. Each week, first one included, you can make 10 changes to the original precon deck so as to better personalize it. I took this chance to acquire the Lord Windgrace precon and start working towards the final list (with a few meta considerations, given that all decks will be precon or close to it). First week I change 10 of the weaker cards (don't remember them exactly, only that I cut 3 lands and Crash of Rhino Beetles) for the following 10 inclusions:

From these 10 cards, 9 are self-explanatory as they are the plan A for the final version of the deck. Bane of Progress wrecks both Saheeli, the Gifted as well as Estrid, the Masked precons. I expected Estrid to be the most represented deck in the meta so this was auto-include for the remainder of the league. With slower games, 6 mana for an enchantment/artifact wrath is a very powerful effect, that made me consider Pernicious Deed for next week. The meta ended up being as follows:

So pretty balanced except for Saheeli, for now at least (more people might show up for week 2). As for the matches:

  • Round 1: First table I ended up against the single Saheeli, the Gifted player and one of the Aminatou, the Fateshifter players. Saheeli's dude mulligans to 4 and gets stuck on 1 land, so he's out of the game from the get-go. Aminatou's starts slow with taplands, while I ramp with Explore and put 3 counters on Khalni Heart Expedition really fast. Lord Windgrace comes down but my opponent flashes in Notion Thief in response to trigger. #feelsbad. Next turn he leaves Aminatou to die to one of my creatures, I guess it was Soul of Innistrad and I Obliterate, recover 2 with the commander and fetch 2 more with Khalni Heart Expedition. Turn after I play Garruk Wildspeaker and turn after I cycle Decree of Annihilation. GG for me, off to the champions table on Round 2 :)
  • Round 2: Round 2 consisted of the winners of the three tables from Round 1, ended up against another Aminatou and a fellow Wakandian player. By turn 6 I have the commander down on 7 loyalty counters and pretty safe until next turn. I blow my opponent's Lord Windgrace with Ruinous Path and land Xenagos, the Reveler. I have Jokulhaups in hand to settle the game next turn. Then I screw up. Aminatou player has a Lightform out which can either deal 2 damage to Lord Windgrace which it was irrelevant, or 2 damage to Xenagos, the Reveler, also irrelevant as he comes down with 3 counters at least. My other opponent has the Lieautenant Rhino whose name I don't remember and nothing else. He can't replay the commander as he has no mana. I didn't notice the Rhino. I up Xenagos to guarantee it's harder for the Lightform to kill it if he flips it bakc up. I could have made a Satyr to block the Rhino and everything would have been ok. HOWEVER, the Aminatou player attacks Windgrace, down to 5. Passes. Windgrace player thinks a lot. Then attacks Aminatou. I'm baffled as Xenagos gets to live. Then he plays Windgrace's Judgement taking care of my commander and the Lightform creature. I untap then Jokulhaups, Sakura-Tribe Elder with left up mana and proceed to win from there. The other player totally gave me the victory, but I screwed up hard as it should not have been an issue, had I made the Satyr. I win at the end of the day but go home telling myself I should be more aware of my oponnent's boardstates :P

So I win week 1, pick a Tireless Tracker from the picks pool (1 card per player, all commander playables picked in order of placement). This week we had a Mana Confluence and an Enlightened Tutor that I can recall, but Tracker was both more expensive and an auto-include for next week's 10 modifications :P Also it's a sign from the gods of Magic that I should update the final list with it ;)

Next week I'll probably give the deck to another player to pilot it as I'm on vacations, but I'll keep these reports up to date ;)



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