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Lord Windgrace Hired an Orcish Lumberjack

Commander / EDH BRG (Jund) Lands Ramp




This is my upgrade of the Commander 2018 PreCon, Nature's Vengeance. I'm still working out the kinks, and have a few more cards I want to pick up for it. Right now, it doesn't have an issue with getting lands onto the battlefield, but it seems to need a bit more punch. I plan to fix that with the addition of cards like Omnath, Locus of Rage, Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar, and The Gitrog Monster. I'm not sure yet if I'll go the combo rout, or just go with a value approach.

Why Lord Windgrace

The Gitrog Monster tends to reign supreme when it comes to Land-Matters themes, but I like the options afforded in the Jund color identity. I also like how with Lord Windgrace I am in more control either ditching lands or bringing them back. I also like the way Windgrace plays; at the helm of the deck, it plays a lot like Daretti, Scrap Savant, offering card selection and recursion, but with lands instead of artifacts. I really like that approach, and will run with it.

The card draw is a bit lighter in this deck than I usually like to run, but I feel I can get away with that since the Commander provides a card draw engine.


Standing Question: how many lands should I run for Lord Windgrace? Is 42 the right amount? Is 40 good? Right now, I'm sitting at 41, and I will update how that runs.


List of combos so far.


Updates Add

I've decided to give Overlaid Terrain a try in this deck. If I hit it early, it can ramp and fix. Later, it can be really good for hitting some triggers. I run it Titania, and think it can work here.


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