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Naban, Dean of Iteration walks into a bar; he orders a drink from the bartender wizard. Two drinks appear. The bartender stares at the mysterious 2nd drink that seemingly came from nowhere; and asks "What just happened, where did this come from?" Naban, Dean of Iteration replies, "Can you say that again for me?" The bartender restates; "What just happened, where did this come from?" Naban, Dean of Iteration walks away; drinks in hand. Make outs with Naru Meha, Master Wizard ensue. Yeah, I'm gonna 'ship them. Deal with it. /shades

Ok so, this is just a standard blue midrange deck, then it gets stupid.

Watch this first:

At some point, after you have locked down the board, and have a decent mana pool you're gonna do some trickery. First and foremost you're gonna drop a Bontu's Monument. Then, you're gonna cast Release to the Wind and follow up with a Naru Meha, Master Wizard. Select any creature but Naru Meha, Master Wizard for the original cast. In response to the Release to the Wind, cast Naru Meha, Master Wizard and target the original Release to the Wind then with the cloned Release to the Wind target Naru Meha, Master Wizard, and then repeat this whole thing infinitely. With Bontu's Monument you trigger an "On Cast" infinite loop killing your opponent.

That being said, this deck is decent on its own without that combo; and that's what is great about Naban, Dean of Iteration. If he is on the board, the above combo just gets insane I'm sure. You should still consider this a mid-range deck; but the combo itself is a nice addition. You can still march your army of wizards up to someone and own them. Merfolk Trickster is very nice as well in conjunction with Naban, Dean of Iteration and can slow down some aggro pretty quickly.

The overall point to this deck is that there are multiple win conditions. First, you can ping your opponent to death with Bontu's Monument and strong board presence, mixed with control. This alone, with Naru Meha, Master Wizard backing up Naban, Dean of Iteration will probably win you a good deal of games. The infinite combo is just the icing on the cake, and makes for another win condition that is strong as hell.

I've had the suggestion to toss in some Tempest Djinn in the sideboard for some air force support, and I've done that for certain. I'm also considering Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp but I do not play many artifacts at all; so he might be a non-starter. I was also considering Warkite Marauder but that is not a Wizard and not as helpful as well. I've also thought about Sorcerer's Wand but that seems like it just makes anything on your board an immediate fixture for a removal spell. It isn't super fast either.

Feedback helps!

Update 1: Got word from Seth/Saffron Olive at MTG Goldfish that he likes this deck idea. Solid!

Update 2: I've made some adjustments to add in some more card draw to the deck. I've added Treasure Map   to assist in drawing into the combo faster, and I've also added in Glimmer of Genius to replace the Trophy Mage. Sometimes plain card draw will make things smoother; and I'm trying to avoid dead drops. I might add more Treasure Maps later on if this plays out well with feedback.

Update 3: Pulling the stick back on the Maps for now and seeing how it does just with the Glimmer.

Update 4: I've evolved this concept here b/c Naru Meha is preying upon younger flesh now.

Update 5: Got some traction on this deck on the "Top" list, but again, I've made massive improvements with this combo and its ilk on the new deck INFINITY WAR. I've made some modifications that lean in on some of the Wizard tribal action folks are wanting, but lessens the speed of the combo. Building a stronger board in addition to the combo might be wise to stave off more aggressive decks.


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