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Looking For Help: Baby's First Artifact Token EDH

Commander / EDH* Artifact Combo Four Color Multiplayer RGWU Tokens




Looking for feedback my first EDH deck, finished making the last few cuts and would love some feedback on balancing! I am particularly interested in any feedback regarding the weak points of this current deck.

Feel like I might have gone overboard on removal, maybe too light on creatures and a bit heavy on non-creature cards (though my group loves creature removal!). I have a fair wack of experience making standard 60 card decks, but my first foray into deck building for commander has me scratching my head! Would love any advice on what is not working in this deck so I can fine tune it!

I usually play with a slightly modified pre-built Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis. Current meta with my group tends to favour combos (particularly pumping up creatures with +1/+1 counters), a limited but powerful amount of using artifact and enchantments for buffing and a tonne of creature targeted board-wipes and single target removal (mostly destroy, exile is much more rare).

Main features I am looking for with this deck is synergy with token creatures and artifacts, already had to cut out all the energy stuff that I wanted in here. I think it is mostly working fine, but I would love any advice on what this deck is missing and if there are any cards that are not working that I should cut!

All the cards in this deck are ones I have lying around from my standard card decks, it is more difficult for me to pick up new cards but if you spot something specific that would work really well let me know!


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