This is just a funny ass deck, nobody sees this coming.

Get out Melira, Sylvok Outcast + Grazing Kelpie + Phyrexian Altar = Infinite Mana

Next get out Murder of Crows (extra turns helps, but not necessary)

Sacrifice Grazing Kelpie , you draw and discard because of Murder of Crows , Now you can siphon through your deck and change whatever cards you want with the ones in you hand.

Here is where it gets have 2 options at this point

  1. Sacrifice Murder of Crows and use all the mana gained by sacking Grazing Kelpie to the Alter, use mana for the ability to put the deck back in any order you want. Then perhaps you were to have switched out for a Genesis Wave. The just Genesis Wave for however many you want.

  2. Sacrifice your whole library to graveyard, with the mana you produced through the alter, play Laboratory Maniac. Then play Gitaxian Probe. Make sure as you draw and discard you keep those in your hand. I prefer this ending.



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