Look Ma, No Hand

Standard* nsgreiner


Oct. 7, 2012

+2x Desecration Demon+2x Liliana of the Veil- 2x Vexing Devil

Added some sideboard.

anotherbomb says... #1

Liliana of the veil would work wonders in this deck with her +1 and she can also force your opponent to sac I. I've been thinking about building a similar deck myself.

October 4, 2012 12:15 p.m.

joeymontivu321 says... #2

  • 1 for the name
October 5, 2012 7:37 p.m.

BaconNinja says... #3

Try add Gruesome Discovery , Mental Agony Night Terrors make more Discards than Appetite for Brains and Duress , because Duress u cant discard a crature .

October 5, 2012 9:31 p.m.

BaconNinja says... #4

Add card:Wit's End for side , its good against deck use very draw a card.

October 5, 2012 9:36 p.m.

MonkeyMind says... #5

What are you doing against hexproof dudes like the pretty popular Geist of Saint Traft ? Maybe add some Desecration Demon ? Or side some Tribute to Hunger or Barter in Blood ?

October 6, 2012 8:05 p.m.

Dirt3pz says... #6

looks to me like vexing devil lost his ways and ended up in the wrong deck... (if he belongs in any)

correct me if im wrong,... but your plan is to keep yourself alive for long enough, so Shrieking Affliction and perhaps a miracle can finish them off, right?

now what happens when we drop vexing early,...

T1: you cast vexing,.. our enemy makes you sac it,...

EnemyT1: he cast random beater.

your gameplan is to make the enemy short on cards, but your right now in a position where he is doing the pressure... the removal you are using in this deck are all removal that trade 1 card for another, so you have no way to get ahead again... the next time you throw another spell that dont add to the board state, your just gonna make him pressure you even further....

i would add cards like Damnation or Flames of the Firebrand atleast you have a chance to get back into the race that way, cuz it might not seem like it, but this strategy is actualy trying to race,.. and im sry to say, but delvers are faster...

October 6, 2012 8:31 p.m.