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My FNM deck. It's seen some success in its various forms. It started out as a B/G/w deck, with the white splash for Loxodon Smiter. Then I read an article about the new Jund decks in Standard, and I saw the power of Olivia Voldaren. I decided to adapt this deck into a B/R/G powerhouse. Huntmaster and Olivia are two of the most powerful creatures in Standard at the moment, and red gave me the power to cast them. I want to keep the B/G shell, but I'm otherwise pretty open for suggestions.Given my relatively high amount of instants and sorceries, I am thinking of putting in 2 Chandra, the Firebrand. Copying Rakdos's Return or Dreadbore vs .... Well, anyone, seems rather powerful. Also considering 2x Elixir of Immortality for recycling everything.The deck has trouble against Naya and Planeswalker control decks.. Trouble, I'd rather be without. The control decks simply stop me from resolving my threats before they take over with Entreat the Angels.Naya decks, however, usually resolve a Loxodon Smiter, a Silverblade Paladin and go to town, killing my stuff with Bonfires.

Any help is appreciated!


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Nuking comments.Sadly, I've fallen ill so I didn't go to FNM. No testing done.. :(

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