Flash. Ahaaaaa. Flash. He's a miracle.

This is a budget Raff deck that's looking to draw go for as much as possible, focused primarily on Legendary cards rather than artifacts. Any suggestions welcome but if the card is over $5 I'm probably not going to be able to afford it unless it will greatly improve the deck.

My meta is fairly unbalanced with a few casual under-powered decks but mostly more expensive and focused decks comboing off and killing everyone off with big finishers or infinite locks. So I'm looking at a decent number of counterspells to disrupt their nefarious plans without detracting from my gameplan of playing a crapton of Legends and smacking people in the face. The equipment I have included is fairly key to that plan.

I would love some suggestions as to what counterspells to add in from the Maybeboard and what cards to cut from the rest of the list to make it a somewhat coherent deck.


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