Edited and Updated - I'm playing a lot of paper and modern lately, but with this deck I've had some good results locally and barring voice of resurgence (swap it for Fleecemane Lion in a pinch) the package is pretty reasonably priced. It's nice to see it's been getting some play online finally too.

General plan is to load up dudes with auras and swing for the hills.

The big thing to PAY ATTENTION TO playing hexproof is the mana your opponents still have up as you attack. In Standard at the moment: 1B up can equal a devour flesh, WW can be celestial flare - attack with 2 dudes even if it means losing a weenie. UW decks that hit turn four need you to leave RW up for boros charm in their turn when they supreme verdict, and to side in murder investigation to put on your dudes for heavy removal games. Double murder investigation is a big disincentive on a huge attacker. When Mulliganing, you may want to anticipate a thought seize turn 1, so two cheap dudes in hand is a bonus. 1U and 7U can also mean losing an aura or your whole board back to your hand to a Cyclonic Rift mid attack, so bear it in mind. 1RR is often Anger of the Gods. 4WW Often spells Elspeth, which is also a wipe, and I think that about covers it.

Side in Fiendslayer for aggro, Murder Investigation for removal happy control opponents, Mizzium Mortars for creature heavy decks (Packrat/Master of waves and chums).


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