I had the toughest time deciding between using Supreme Verdict and Armageddon as my signature spells. But when you run Azorius you have access to many 4-mana board wipes. So when you look at Armageddon , it starts to feel similar but very unique.

Tasty plays:

Teferi in play and then just play around Approach of the Second Sun . You literally don’t have to waste a counter spell backing up your Approach for the second time when you got your Mon’, Teferi out.

Elspeth, Sun's Champion combos with literally ANY board wipe and also Armageddon. Hard for opponents to recover. Build your army. Win.

There’s also a lot of hype with the Narset, Parter of Veils and Windfall in Oathbreaker so I had to include that combo too... Lol.

Here's some incredible interactions

Thing in the Ice   with Teferi and Armageddon . Here’s how it plays out:

•Have the Thing out with one counter left to remove

•Cast your Geddon to remove your Thing’s ice counter,

•Geddon nukes ALL lands

•Then your Thing flips, bouncing ALL other creatures.

•Now, the board is clear. Win.

Locking an opponent out by turn 4 (self titled play)

•You have your man Teferi out.

•Cast Isochron Scepter , exiling Silence . (NOTE: Selecting silence as your spell with the scepter 100% guarantees a lockout. But you can also use other spells like Spell Pierce, counterspell, path to exile, etc. for minor effectiveness.)

•If Silence was your exiled spell, your opponents cannot cast spells on your turn because of Teferi, Time Raveler . All you have to do is save the 2 Mana a turn for your an opponent to lock them out with Isochron Scepter !

Flawless Uncroverable


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