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Living Seashore (Lands Standstill)

Legacy Competitive Control Landstill Loam RUG (Temur)



Edit: Trying Dack Fayden in place of Jace

The name says it all, Temur Landstill

The reason I'm constructing this style of deck is I like merrits of both Lands and Landstill decks and feel they could benefit from working hand in hand. Exploration allows for a potential turn 2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Dark Depths makes a much scarier threat to force them to break the Standstill, and cards like Maze of Ith are excellent stalling methods and protection for Jace

Standstill: The centerpiece of the "Landstill" archetype, you want to set it up and let your opponent stall themselves out while you continue to set up with value-lands, dealing damage with Mishra's Factory or Molten Vortex, Wasteland locking, or even unleashing a Merrit Lage token and forcing the break.

Molten Vortex: While most land builds opt for the Punishing Fire combo, I've always personally preferred Vortex instead. When running Standstill, you're free to burn off what threats your opponent managed to drop, and get to fire off shots until they decide to break it. Once broken, the three cards you draw ultimately refill your clip, giving you ammunition for Vortex in addition to whatever else is drawn

Thespian's Stage/Dark Depths: The pair really needs no introduction, the famous combination finisher of the Lands archetype. Obviously the play is strong, and will end the game immediately if not handled. But a couple of important notes regarding adding the combo to Landstill- First and foremost, the extreme threat of Marrit Lage will demand your opponent break Standstill quickly. Less-important, though very strong strategically, is that Stage is able to copy Mishra's Factory. The ability to Loam back Factorys that get handled makes the strategy more resilient as well. Across the board, the two strategies play well together


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