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Standard Burn Jank UBR (Grixis)



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Well, i wanted to make a fun burn deck where as the opponent burns themselves more then we do.

The Burn

Shock : A R costed 2 damage spell really ment to kill of mana dorks on turn one.

Lightning Strike : A go to burn spell that can kill dudes or hit face. Love the value.

Sovereign's Bite : So it's a slow Lightning Helix that only hits face but as life loss and the 3 life you get really helps buy you time.

The Support

Firemind's Research : With over 30 spells in the deck, that lave axe for 1R is really easy to get to and the draw effect is handy in a pinch.

Expansion / Explosion : The copy side helps so well in extending the value of your other spells and it doubles as a fire/draw bomb to off a threat or go for the kill.

Ionize : Sometimes you just can't let them do that and IT STILL BURNS.

Mission Briefing : In this deck it serves as a mini Expansion / Explosion because the servil helps fix your draw and it extends the value of you spell you already cast.

Ral, Izzet Viceroy : At best it's and alt win con, at worst it a 5 mana kill spell, most times it's more gas for your to burn your opponent.

Phyrexian Scriptures : A bored wipe that's has an extra effect of taking out opposing graveyards, all for 2BB.

The Choices

Risk Factor : Played early, 4 damage for 2R is soooo nice and even if they let you draw..... well you seen the above list, also has jump start to make those dead land draws worth something.

Sword-Point Diplomacy : It's a slower Risk Factor with a bigger punch. I mean it has the chance to dome them for 9 damage. That's value town for just 2B.


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