Burn and Lifegain: burn gives you life and life gives you a Lightning Bolt. As hard of ramp as possible from Boros to get Firesong and Sunspeaker out ASAP and gain a bunch of life while dealing huge damage and killing everything that moves. Super simple and has high hopes for being a ton of fun (For me), but totally not competitive.

I want to test how strong the lifegain first to see if Aetherflux Reservoir, Felidar Sovereign, and/or Test of Endurance are viable wincons.

Always appreciates and encourages suggestions!


Updates Add

Big update: Less focus on burn, more focus on life gain... kinda. Added staple Boros removal and a TON of board wipes to keep the board under control. Ive actually been testing this version for months and it works pretty well to stall the game, gain a bunch of life and wait for my wincons. There is burn in here, but it is more to kill creature than burning opponents.

Newest additions are Smothering Tithe, Wheel of Fortune, and Magus of the Wheel. The synergy between them on top of being good by themselves is great.

I think it's at a great place and will only add little additions as I play it more and see what working better than others and what its missing.


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