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Liu Bei, Lord of Shu

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Liu Bei, Lord of Shu

Soldier Token Tribal Version 3.3

Most Recently Updated: August 3, 2018

This is a flavor based deck centered around the Shu Han kingdom as led by Liu Bei during the 3 Kingdoms era in ancient China. It's not meant to be a strong deck, so my playgroup has no issue with me having Balance in here; I know it's not Commander legal. As I've tinkered around with this deck, it has slowly shifted higher and higher up the curve, as many of the actual soldier cards were cut for the token producers and the meager card draw white has to offer. As a result, this deck's weakest point is the early set up phase. If it can survive past that, there are a number of decent spells that get us off on the right foot. The two most important cards in the deck are Anointed Procession and Mentor of the Meek, for consistent token production and card draw. That also means the second most important cards are Enlightened Tutor and Recruiter of the Guard. Each game should revolve around trying to get one or both cards in to play. We're obviously running a lot of the Portal 3 Kingdoms legends here for flavor and not power, but the horsemanship actually comes in really handy as a efficient and consistent way to answer planeswalkers. We're trying to capture the flavor of the Shu Han army of simple soldiers being led by strong heroes.


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