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Grenzo Knocking at Your Door

Commander / EDH*



The main idea of the deck is to attack with creatures, and cast other peoples spells. Sounds pretty simple, but still very fun to play. :) Added some stax cards.

Possible combos for the deck:

Any suggestions are welcome!


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-1 Metallic Mimic main
-1 Academy Raider main
-1 Bloodsworn Steward main
+1 Goblin Lackey main
+1 Smoldering Spires main
-1 Grenzo, Havoc Raiser main
-1 Chaos Warp main
-1 Furystoke Giant main
+1 Cavern of Souls main
+1 Chaos Warp main
+1 Blood Moon main
-1 Goblin Piledriver main
-1 Blood Moon main
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