pie chart

pie chart List of Modern Staples and Power Cards

Modern* Five Color


Land (106)

Planeswalker (19)

Creature (81)

Artifact (34)

Instant (70)

Sorcery (45)

Enchantment (16)

Similar to Epochalyptik's list of EDH power and staple cards. I have concocted a list of all the staples and power cards for the Modern format. Why, because I love this format quite a bit and wanted to have this down for all to see and add onto. I chose the deck list for the same reasons as Epoc did his EDH one. It is easy for all to find and see, comment, deckcycle, and to find. I just threw this together in the wee hours of the am so some things may be missing, but that's why this is a communal deck list.

If a card has not been included that you think deserves consideration, please state why you think that card should be on the list.


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