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Classic Liquimetal land destroy

Modern Control Land Destruction Midrange RG (Gruul)



Hi and welcome to another deck to drive your friends/playgroup crazy. Saying that I'm aware that this one probably isn't tournament competitive, but who wants to play tier 1 decks all the time anyway :o Basically the combo we are looking for is Liquimetal Coating or Myr Landshaper combined with Splinter . But let's have a quick look at all the cards and their purposes.

-Notable Lands-

  • Buried Ruin : in case one of our key artifacts gets destroyed, we have at least a little backup plan besides hoping for another draw.
  • Raging Ravine : some more bodies we can deal damage with and a proper mana sink for our purposes.

-The Core-

  • Liquimetal Coating: target lands with priority, obviously other threats can be targeted as well, whatever hurts you the most.
  • Myr Landshaper : target lands only, but well, gives us more outs to keep our starting hand.
  • Splinter : yes, the ruling applies to lands and even basic lands after you gave them the artifact addition. Yes, this really is kind of insane.

-Lay Waste-

-The creatures-


Hope you like this one, input and/or suggestions are welcome. If you already imagined your friends raging whilst reading this, I'd appreciate a +1 vote ;)


till next revision..

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Nviro says... #1

June 26, 2017 4:40 p.m.

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