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LILIANA’S EMBRACE (Rakdos Reanimator M21)

Standard BR (Rakdos) Competitive Demons Midrange Reanimator



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This is my experimental Rakdos Reanimator build featuring the new Core 2021 cards Liliana, Waker of the Dead, Demonic Embrace, and Archfiend's Vessel.


This deck essentially plays like Mono-Black. The goal of the deck is to mill your library using Mire Triton and Corpse Churn, while strategically discarding cards with Thrill of Possibility and Liliana, Waker of the Dead, as well as Maximize Velocity and Demonic Embrace, which require a discard when cast from the graveyard.

You want to get Archfiend's Vessels in your graveyard as fast as possible. Use Revival / Revenge or Call of the Death-Dweller along with Maximize Velocity to transform the dead Vessels into pissed-off flying 6/6 demons with haste. This is theoretically possible by turn 3. If you’re really lucky (or chosen by destiny), on turn 4 you can cast Embrace and Max Velocity again on that demon, to make it a terrifying 9/7 monstrosity.

Since Demonic Embrace and Maximize Velocity can be played from your graveyard to beef up your demons and Grimdancers, discard them if they aren’t useful at the moment. Although Unleash Fury can’t be played from the graveyard, it can potentially turn a demon into a 10/10 flyer and may come in handy during the late game.

All those Blood Crypts, Embraces, and Whispers hurt after a while. Mire Tritons or Grimdancers are good reanimation targets when running low on life.


Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger and Doom Whisperer are the back-up finishers if the Vessels fail their mission. The Whisperers allow you to surveil at will, so you can keep digging until you find Kroxa, an Embrace, Max Velocity, Unleash Fury, or something useful at the moment.

Each of Liliana, Waker of the Dead’s loyalty abilities synergizes well with the deck’s themes of self-discard/mill. She discards Vessels and Kroxa from your hand and tears through indestructible creatures. Her ultimate ability is especially useful for resurrecting discarded Doom Whisperers.


I chose the sideboard knowing that I will probably go up against graveyard-hate. If that happens, I can switch out self-mill and reanimator cards for extra removal and disruption, effectively transforming this deck into Mono-Black control.

This is a work in progress!

It’s been a while since I’ve played Standard and I’m not familiar with the meta. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

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