Mono-black Liliana themed zombie tribal with a hand control subtheme. Liliana, Heretical Healer helms this EDH deck. The deck was made to include as many of the decent Liliana planeswalkers as I could and to support their themes. While some cards were added for flavor, the deck functions very well and I have a lot of fun piloting it.

Discard synergies: Waste Not, Geth's Grimoire, Painful Quandary, Syphon Mind, and Torment of Hailfire.

Zombie combos: Gravecrawler and any sac outlet (infinite with Phyrexian altar), creates a strong loop from your graveyard to the battlefield. This can also been done with any one drop zombie and Liliana Untouched by death. Cards you use to abuse it are Plague Belcher for infinite damage, Smothering Abomination / Liliana Dreadhorde General or Vanquisher's Banner for infinite draw, Diregraf Colossus for infinite zombies, Mikaeus the Unhallowed for infinite mana and Grave Pact to clear the board.

Besides the things I highlighted it's basically Zombie tribal and a good amount of sac outlets to be able to flip Liliana when you need to. Hope this helps you with your potential Liliana decks in the future! Thanks for taking a look.


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