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ITS NOT A TUMOR! (Temur Control)

Modern* Competitive Control RUG (Temur)



A Temur Control list that is loosely based off of Gerard Fabiano's Sultai Control list from the SCG Modern Open back in February, 2015. I am more than open to suggestions and am always looking for sideboard help. The deck focuses on control, draw, and creatures that provide pure value.

4x Cryptic Command : A hard counterspell that also cantrips. Creates nasty loops with Eternal Witness.

4x Lightning Bolt : 1 mana removal that burns most early game threats and can go for face when need be.

3x Electrolyze : 2 dmg that can be split up that cantrips.

3x Mana Leak : early game counterspell.

2x Anger of the Gods: 3 mana wipe that can help stabilize the early game. Also exiles. Which is neat.

3x Electrolyze : 2 damage, draw card at instant speed. Yum.

1x Sarkhan Unbroken : The extra mana on his +1 only sometimes comes in handy. But the free draw is super nice. Add in the ability to throw 4/4 fliers into play and he can do some work. His ult is useless, but thats okay.

4x Cryptic Command : Draw that is typically on a counter. <3

4x Serum Visions : A cantrip that also fixes my draws. This is the card that allows me to run only 23 land. A little on the light side for a control deck.

1x Keranos, God of Storms : First draw a land? Draw again. If its not a land? Bolt something. Helps make sure that you always have answers to things.

1x Nissa, Vital Force : Easy to ult for tons of draw. A +1 that spits out big beat sticks. A -3 that can bring back my creatures. Usually not a super awesome card. But it has found a home here and can be a powerhouse. Makes you almost pray for a fetchland when you draw if you have Keranos, God of Storms in play.

3x Scavenging Ooze: Life gain, can get fat, and is built in graveyard hate. That checks a lot of boxes.

3x Snapcaster Mage : I get to re-use -ANY- spell in my graveyard? Yes pl0x.

2x Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip: 2 life and a 2/2 wolf ETB. If I or my opponent don't cast a spell, his value becomes insane and he is extremely easy to flip back and forth. Cast nothing on my turn, cast 2 spells on my opponent's turn. EZ game. EZ life.

1x Eternal Witness : A great way to recycle cards back to my hand. Provides a chump blocker and returns a Cryptic Command back to my hand to create some nasty loops.

4x Tarmogoyf: Often a 4/5 for 2 mana. Nuff' said.

1x Vendilion Clique: Evasive flier than can give e information about an opponent's hand an act as instant speed pseudo-discard

Definitely looking for opinions regarding the cards in the maybe board.


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