This is my EDH deck. This is a French List deck meant to be played 1v1 but can hold it's own in a multiplayer match.

I chose Krenko, Mob Boss as my general because I knew it would be easy enough to make a tribal deck around him. Also, I wanted the challenge of making a mono-red EDH deck that is good (because ppl say the color red is the worst color in EDH) and could beat some top tier decks. I've spent a lot of time perfecting this deck. I have it to a point where I can't figure out what to cut and what to put in.

This deck has several different win conditions. The most obvious win con is to generate an army of goblins and attack with everything you've got. Then there is cards like Goblin War Strike, Voracious Dragon and Burn at the Stake . With a lot of goblins on the field, these cards can do a massive amount of damage. Shared Animosity is another card that can produce a ton of damage and secure a win. Now let's talk about the two infinite combos. One is a tough combo to pull off. The other is more simple. The first combo is three cards. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Lightning Crafter and Skirk Prospector. This is an infinite direct damage and infinite red mana combo used for the direct damage. The way it works is Kiki-Jiki makes a copy of Lightning Crafter, championing Kiki-Jiki. Then, tap the copy of Lightning Crafter to activate its ability, dealing 3 damage to your opponent. Then sacrifice the copy to Skirk Prospector, generating 1 red mana and bringing Kiki-Jiki back to the battlefield untapped. Then, repeat. The best way to get this combo started is to play Goblin Recruiter. Use him to tutor for Goblin Ringleader, Kiki-Jiki, Lightning Crafter, Skirk Prospector, and one other, usually Goblin Settler or Goblin Warchief. Always put the Ringleader on top. The second combo is also three cards. Krenko, Mob Boss, Thornbite Staff and any sac outlet. This makes infinite Goblin Tokens. Equip Krenko with the Staff, tap Krenko to make Tokens, sac a Token, untapped Krenko, repeat.

My sideboard is my wish list for Burning Wish. I love Burning Wish. I think any EDH deck playing Red should play it. My wish list is comprised of situational cards. Mostly board wipes and land destruction with one win con and one combat trick.

The best opening hand I've had so far was 3 land, Goblin Lackey, Goblin Recruiter, Mox Diamond, and Mass Hysteria . This is how it played out.

Turn 1: Mountain, Mox Diamond, Mass Hysteria, Goblin Lackey. Swing with lackey. Drop Goblin Recruiter. Search for said infinite combo.

Turn 2: Draw Goblin Ringleader. Swing with lackey and drop ringleader drawing the other four goblins I put to the top. Play Mountain and tap out for Goblin Warchief.

Turn 3: Draw Mountain. Play Mountain and Krenko. Play Skirk Prospector. Tap Krenko and make six goblin tokens. Sac seven goblins to prospector for seven red mana. Play Kiki-Jiki and Lightning Crafter. Proceed to win.

Thank you for having a look at my deck. Comments welcome. Upvotes are greatly appreciated.


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