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Like a Bat out of Hell v1

Modern BRGW Combo RBW (Mardu) Reanimator


"Not today, Satan!" - Bianca Del Rio, RuPaul's Drag Race 6th Season

Hello, and welcome my Mardu Through the Breach deck, paying homage to Mardu Goryo-Brand, RIP Faithless Looting .

Having said that, this is more of a gimmicky thought experiment than it is a primer of decklist that'll place at a tournament. First, a history lesson...

I can remember like it was yesterday!

Fortune favoured the bold, and Mardu Goryo's Vengeance was an impressive combo deck that used Faithless Looting to ditch a powerful reanimation target like Grizzy-B or Emrakul, in order to cheat it out w/ Haste for (1)(B). Simian Spirit Guide s let this combo happen as early as turn 1, with a reliable turn 2. The deck was well known for it's impressive ability to pivot into an attrition-machine due to mainboard Collective Brutality , Chandra, Torch of Defiance s and sideboarded Ensnaring Bridge s, since the Goryo-combo was trivially easy to pinch off with a casual opening hand, and only took a few slots in the deck. Now that Faithless Looting has been banned, the deck lost a lot of consistency, and has since shifted to a Self-Mill strategy called "Neoform" involving a convoluted Allosaurus Rider + Neoform combo, to then use Griselbrand to draw your entire deck (thanks to Nourishing Shoal ), to then stick a Laboratory Maniac (which you get mana for with Manamorphose , paid for with Spirit Guides) to win as early as before your opponent on the play puts their first land into play.

So why am I taking steps backwards, looking to a deck that doesn't exist anymore? Well, I wanted to build a Modern Hellcarver Demon deck.

The meat & potatoes

At the end of the day, this deck is a Mardu Pyromancer control shell, that makes room for a Through the Breach package, but also somehow makes an argument for Whip of Erebos . We keep our opponents on the backfoot with Thoughtseize , Restore Balance , Yahenni's Expertise , Kolaghan's Command and Nahiri, the Harbinger , some of the best disruption and reaction magic that Mardu has to offer, and many of them serve utility alongside our combo.

We run a number of ways of cheating Hellcarver Demon and Griselbrand into play, including the aforementioned Nahiri, as well as Through the Breach and Whip of Erebos , oddly enough. Why no Goryo's Vengeance ? Well, we can't reanimate a non-legendary creature like Hellcarver, and Whip does an excellent job at mitigating our really painful mana base!

With combos like these...

... Who needs friends? Multi-card, mana hungry combos like this need deck thinning, and nothing does that quite like Mishra's Bauble and fetchlands. 9 fetchlands and 3 Baubles can thin your deck naturally, and an opening hand with a Bauble + Fetch can be really sweet if you sequence your Bauble correctly. Play them both out, then sacrifice the Mishra's Bauble on your main phase to look at the top card of target player's library (you in this example, but peeking at your opponents is very powerful too).

Now that you've seen what's coming, and you know that you'll be drawing a card once you pass to your opponent, you can choose to either sacrifice your fetchland in order to shuffle that (bad) card away and spin the wheel -- or let the draw happen and fetch on your opponent's turn in order to draw the card you took a peek at.

At worst, Mishra's Bauble is a 0 cmc slow cantrip, and that's arguably really powerful, effectively giving you a 56-card deck that lets your either manipulate a draw of your own, or gather info on your opponents deck. An argument could be made for including a few Street Wraith (borrowing a page out of Grixis Death's Shadow ), but I'm not familiar enough with it to know if that's too greedy or not.

Besides that, we have a Nahiri that can +1 rummage for us every turn that she isn't ulimating Demons into play, and Wheel of Fate .

Monster Combo!

So what do we actually do once we "Sneak Attack" a Hellcarver Demon into play? Well, let's dissect that textbox.

"Whenever Hellcarver Demon deals combat damage to a player", so firstly we gotta connect with our opponent, and I promise you that hardcasting it will just make your opponent windmill slam Path to Exile / Assassin's Trophy / literally anything onto the table on their following turn, basically Time Walk ing you.

"Sacrifice all other permanents you control and discard your hand". Yikes, so your reward for smashing them in the teeth is blowing up everything but your 6/6 flyer, and One with Nothing yourself... But wait, there's more.

"Exile the top 6 cards of your library. You may cast any number of them without paying their mana costs". That's the juice right there! Untold riches await us! So what are some nice spicy spells to hit off the top with Hellcarver?

Big money, no Whammies! $$$

First things first, you don't have until end of turn to cast spells exiled with Hellcarver Demon , you gotta

Restore Balance and Wheel of Fate ; akin to the Cascade mechanic, Hellcarver Demon lets you play any Suspend card that doesn't have a cmc without having to suspend it. Restore Balance is a wombo-combo with Hellcarver, nuking your opponent to 0 lands, 0 cards in hand, and 1 creature (since Hellcarver is still around).


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