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Not the most creative name, I know, but the deck is solid. I was inspired to make the deck when I learned about Liliana's Caress. I had long since been a fan of Megrim so you can imagine where my mind went next: "why not use BOTH?!" So I scoured the internet for ideas and found this:


I'm not crazy about some of that guy's card choices, but the fact that he pulled it off was inspiring enough for me. Also tipping me off to using red in the deck proved to be the best idea of all. I started putting stuff together and eventually I made this. Of course I had to make it legacy and added some unorthodox choices. Library of Leng, for instance, essentially turns Burning Inquiry into a Brainstorm (not to mention causing 6 dmg for 1 mana with just one caress or Megrim. Also I love that it's creature-less, answering your opponent's creatures with Lightning Bolt, Innocent Blood and Damnation. I found that taking damage was not such a big deal when your opponent dies in 3 or 4 turns.

I loved it so much I took it to a tournament and placed 4th out of 12. Not bad considering the risk I was taking with creature-less discard. I was surprised how fast it killed my opponents with Burning Inquiry and Blightning with just 1 Liliana's Caress out there. Lightning Bolt provided creature destruction or the last few points of damage needed to win. Its like a creature-less aggro deck. The only problem I tend to run into is mana. I've considered ramping it up with Dark Ritual but Its tough deciding what to take out. In any case, I still love playing it. Enjoy!


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Switched in Dreadbore for Terminate. Considered Rakdos's Return but found it difficult to fit in. Besides, there's enough discard in here as it is. I also decided to put in more "wipe" and creature control by including Earthquake which will be effective with all my flyers. I decided to take out Library of Leng for it though. I love Library of Leng with Burning Inquiry, but i felt that more creature control was important. Also, I'm trying to see if Geth's Grimoire has a place in this deck. Anyways, Let me know what you think!

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