A pretty modern Izzet deck I've been tinkering with lately. Takes advantage of the Curiosity + Electrostatic Field and Curiosity + Thermo-Alchemist combos to draw multiple cards per turn. Curiosity + Niv-Mizzet, Parun make an infinite drawing/damage combo.

  • The deck is about the synergy between drawing cards, controlling the board and dealing damage

  • It can shift between more control or more burn using the Sideboard

  • It's better to place Curiosity on Thermo-Alchemist than on Electrostatic Field as it always garantees one card per turn even if I don't play nothing (preparing to counter something or having low mana for example). If I do play it's one extra card I can draw

  • Pyromancer Ascension speeds it up even more

  • Note that this deck is also viable in multiplayer, as a lot of the damage is dealt to each opponent

I think this deck has an interesting take on the current Izzet meta. It doesn't have as much pressure as an Arclight Phoenix / Thing in the Ice   deck, but it tries to win using more control and chipping off the lifepoints of the enemy steadily. Also it's way cheaper than Izzet Phoenix

Please let me know what you think and what can I do to improve this. Upvote if you like it!


Updates Add

Removed Guttersnipe for Electrostatic Field . A little less damage for a cheaper, more resistant creature

Added Rune Snag to the mainboard

Replaced Mana Leak with Ionize

Replaced Magma Jet with Opt

Tweeked the sideboard a bit



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