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A Spellslinger deck featuring Feather, the Redeemed as the Commander! Once I noticed this card had been spoiled, it big time intrigued me to try and come up with a deck utilizing Feather.

If you can get a couple mana rocks out along with Unwinding Clock, you can re-cast all the instants in your hands on each player's turn. Depending on what else you have out, this can get you:

If you can also have Aetherflux Reservoir out there, you'll have no issues at all gaining enough life to wipe your opponents from existence.

Reliquary Tower and/or Thought Vessel gives you a HUGE advantage since all your instant/sorceries will continue to pool back into your hand.

For cards Aurelia's Fury, Impact Resonance, and Intimidation Bolt you'll want to make sure you do at least 1 damage to one of your creatures so you can get the spell back. Path to Exile is also best used in this deck on your own creatures (specifically tokens) so you can ramp up.

As usual, always looking for suggestions, and please don't forget to UPVOTE if you're a fan!


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