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This is one of two EDH decks that I am spending the most time working on/playing. It's designed to be a sort of middle ground between casual and competitive. It's meant to be more of a multi-player deck instead of strictly a duel deck. I am also trying to get as many foils as I can, and that is why I have them marked, so I know what's what at a glance.

I am currently looking for suggestions on how to improve the deck, keeping the above in mind. Also, the commander is staying Rith. I have a foil one, she's my favorite Invasion dragon legend, and she's the commander, and that's final.



McKinley says... #2

Come on friend don't say Rith's your fav and not know she's a girl.

August 17, 2016 7:29 p.m.

Definitely needs more enchantments that focus on buffing/taking advantage of all the tokens Rith will be able to spew out every turn.

Parallel Lives is a critical card for tokens, and lets the Saprolings from Rith grow exponentially over several turns. I also recommend the newly printed Anointed Procession, since it does the same thing but costs a lot less (they're like $2 right now).

Beastmaster Ascension and Cathars' Crusade are two enchantments that grow the size of your creatures as lot as you keep spamming them out. Ascension takes about two combat phases to activate, on average, but there is a very good chance you can drop it and immediately swing in for a ton of damage. Crusade is incredible with effects that put multiple creatures into play at the same time (a la Rith); even if a measly three or four Saprolings are grown the first time, that's still a +3/+3 permanent buff on ALL your creatures.

Cryptolith Rite lets you accelerate your more expensive spells out quicker by turning all your creatures into rainbow mana dorks. Oh, you just topdecked Genesis Wave? GG

Impact Tremors is a cheap enchantment to drop early on that offers powerful group slug hate whenever Rith spews out her tokens.

Second Harvest can be cast in response to an opponent declaring an attack phase to create a ton of blockers out of nowhere, or during their end step before your turn so you have creatures ready to swing in for hurt.

For a token deck, you sure are running quite a few boardwipe spells (I counted 7 at time of this comment). I see you running cards like OG Avacyn and Dauntless Escort, but you can't rely on those draws, and you need to be focused more on aggression than board control. Having more tokens IS board control, and Rith is pretty good at doing that. If you want another protection spell, Heroic Intervention is a good choice. Five boardwipes is probably the right number; I'd remove Desolation Giant (pretty bad card in this list) and Rout (too expensive, and not foil :P). If you're set on having lots of boardclears, Hour of Reckoning is an absolute must.

Sorry for the long post! Hope you have the stamina to read it all! :D

May 8, 2017 7:50 p.m.

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