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Welcome everybody to another exciting edition of "I Got Bored so I Built A Magic Deck." Will this episode's deck turn out to be a complete success like Gods, Fish, Swords, and Dreams? MAYBE. I have no idea I just finished it.

Welcome folks to Life Suckage. Which as I type that out I really realize I need a better name. In fact,

LEAVE A COMMENT SAYING WHAT YOU THINK SHOULD BE THIS DECK'S NEW NAME. I would really appreciate it. For now, it shall be Life Suckage.

I built this deck upon selling a few of my cards an I realized I had a play set of Kambal, Consul of Allocation sitting in my binder. Now, I set a course to steal the souls of all who would oppose my absolute rule!

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To start off the game, you need to get some blockers and early game life gainers. One of the best blockers you can have is High Priest of Penance. This card basically acts as a mutually assured destruction. "You attack me, you're gonna have a bad time with that Extraplanar Lens you love so much." Yeah that happened when I was playtesting. I somehow fooled myself, does that make me really smart or really dumb?

The early game will also include cards that gain you life for your opponents casting creatures. These include:

Finally lets talk about our commander for today. Karlov of the Ghost Council is a really great drop that only gets bigger with the more life gained. Should you need his ability later on, you can use him as removal, but there are plenty of removal spells in the deck as is, so it is more worth it just to keep the +1/+1 counters in my opinion.

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So as the name here suggests, this deck features an infinite combo.

Defiant Bloodlord/Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood = "Dude what's your life total?" Me:"Yes"

It's a rather simple infinite combo, with two options for one of the halves so it's not unreasonable to have it primed. However, just having the two cards needed out on the battlefield will not be enough. They enable the combo but you need some other source to kickstart the reaction by gaining at minimum 1 life. Say paying an extort cost, or some idiot plays a creature when you have Soul Warden out or something (again, happened in playtesting. Still don't know if I am dumb or not).

Besides the infinite combo, there are other things that you can do during the mid game, to get the edge on you opponents. You can attack repeatedly with an Accursed Witch  Flip until she turns into a curse, you can get the mana ramping and extra extort costs with Crypt Ghast, which you can put that extra mana towards Debt to the Deathless or something big like that, and all sorts of things like that. Really the mid game cards explain themselves. Keep on feasting and removing. Speaking of which, the removal spells in this deck are as follows:

So you are almost never going to be without some way to deal with enemy threats. What's nice about removal spells like these, is that they will work on a 1/1 just as well as a 50/50 for the same mana. Can't say that about a Lightning Bolt. ;)

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The dawn of the late game arrives, and it is time to talk about alternative win conditions. The deck features two cards that give said conditions.

Felidar Sovereign, which I am surprised is even legal in commander, is a great card, with an instant "I win" gratification. You could be in a game with a hundred players (which sounds awesome and confusing as hell), and they could all have a thousand health to your measly 40, but then you just win at your upkeep because none of them were paying attention to you. It is at that point that you are pretty much required to stand up and drop the mic.

Finally, Triskaidekaphobia is the last alternative win con. While it is more difficult to pull of in commander than in say standard or modern, it still works as a long term solution. Chances are, you will have more life than your opponents late in the game, and so you are going to be safer from this enchantments wrath, because yes, it can make you lose the game too if you are not careful. One trolly move you can pull is instantly dooming your opponent to die from the trisk, by hitting them with Tree of Perdition right before your upkeep. Which was a nice standard combo I tried to run for a bit, until I got my butt kicked by a Ravenous Intruder... Key to the City... Bull... combo......... Grumble Grumble.

I believe that concludes my rundown of my new deck. Believe it or not, my first EDH deck to feature since Sliver EDH, because yes.... I guess I am not much of a Necromancer.

Leave an Upvote! Leave a comment! Leave some love! Check out my other decks! My name is TurtleZoom and I will see you next time!




lil_cheez says... #1

Hey pal, nice deck! May I suggest a thing or two?

First, if you don't mind "I win" combos, Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond are a must in lifegain decks!

Second, I'd recommend using Karlov of the Ghost Council as the commander instead of Kambal. Karlov will grow SO huge that you can just swing for commander damage as an alternative wincon!

July 1, 2017 8:22 p.m.

Reverie42 says... #2

I see you have some extort effects. Have you considered Pontiff of Blight? Might be a decent way to get additional value out of all of your smaller creatures as things go in to the late game.

Also, if you find that you're routinely at 50+ life, it's possible that Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim would be good. That may be less viable if you're not running a fair amount of tokens, though. It may very well just not fit in this list.

July 2, 2017 6:07 p.m.

Jake1515 says... #3

Love the deck man, but don't you think it needs more ramp? I would just hate for you to have dope spells like ashen rider and merciless eviction and you can't play them.

July 4, 2017 12:37 p.m.

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