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I'm going off the rails on a crazy gain

Modern* Budget Casual Lifegain Theme/Gimmick W/B (Orzhov)




Silly little concept I made. It's budget-ish, you don't really need some of these lands to still have fun with these cards! Gain life from almost anything you or your opponent does, buff up Ajani's Pridemate Or simply ride this Orzhov crazy gain/drain into a funny Multi-player modern or two-headed giant.

Honestly, the deck probably won't win a whole lot 1 on 1, but I anticipate some longish games with friends and maybe some multiplayer victories!

Any suggestions are welcome and encouraged, not meant to be competitive though!


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Heavily considering Crested Sunmare (maybe a 3 off at most) variant of this deck. Combined with token population of some kind, while keeping he life gain real. Soul warden and Soul's attendant would probably both feature in this variant as only 1 life gain will trigger horse token creation. I want to keep it orzhov, any help in this regard would be kind.

Crrraazzyyy.... That's how it goes.... Millions of horses, destroying their foesssssss


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