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Commander / EDH Combo Mill Multiplayer U/B (Dimir)




Hi folks, as you could have already guessed, this deck is mainly focussed on milling your opponents to death. While this could be consistently done in a 1 vs 1 scenario, it's instead really difficult in multiplayer matches, since there are few cards that effectively mill each of your opponents in one go. You can and must rely on your commander for most of your milling-action... luckily he's an indestructible God from the Theros block, so that should keep most of the threats away from him.

Your only chanche of succeeding is thus to play a super slow-tempo political game: if you are able into fooling one of your foes that you are no threat, you'll have better chanches of getting to lategame, where this deck really shines!

If the table turns on you, remember that you've still got some aces up in your sleeves (quite literally): some shapeshifters able to copy some of the creatures that you mill in the graveyard of your opponents, such as Lazav, Dimir Mastermind, Dimir-doppleganger and Body Double, in order to get big thoughness creatures on the field or to better defend yourself. And since we're feedind graveyards like crazy, consider ending games faster with a Consuming Aberration, a tap-able creature bestowed with Nighthowler or equipped with a Bonehoard... and if you are feeling particularly saucy, with a Sewer Nemesis that mills the selfsame player you choose (I know that if you mill out the plyer the Nemesis dies, but it's so spicy that I'd do it anyways).

Once you reach mid to lategame you'll get acess to nasty combos that in one turn could literally mill from 100 to zero someone at the table, mainly through untap effects. I'm talking about Paradox Engine and Freed from the Real, that combined respectively with a lot of medium toughness creatures or just one big toughness creature can end games. You also have access for barely eigth/ten mana to an instant kill with the combo Fraying Sanity + Traumatize/attacking Fleet Swallower. You can also use Junktroller's ability + Tunnel Vision, instantly knocking someone out of the game. The nastiest combo you've got in your arsenal is indeed just Phenax, God of Deception's ability on Eater of the Dead, which goes infinite. Another infinite combo you got in this deck is Mindcrank + Duskmantle Guildmage/bloodchief's ascension + any mill effect.

You have also plenty of prison effects that will say to your opponents "better attack someone else", such as my beloved Propaganda... or Dread, Dissipation Field, Collective Restraint, Riddlekeeper.

Generlly you will not be able to be an attacking threat, but... In case someone's graveyard has more than 40 (more or less) cards in it, you have just a Guiltfeeder that could do the trick.

Last but not the least you are paired with three different copies of Jace, that of course will help you keep up the good work by drawing, untapping and milling even more!

Even though I included a lot of not exactly "budget" in this deck, I hope this deck to be accessible enough to all players who want to dive into the marvelous theme of Memory Erosion!

Currently I'm considering further improvements/substitutions (mostly, but not limited to, cards from Maybeboard). Suggestions are welcome.


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