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Leveler of Laboratories

Modern* Combo Jank U/B (Dimir)



The deck has been completely reworked, this is no longer valid

The goal of this deck is to dig through your deck, while maintaining a minimal graveyard. If you can get Laboratory Maniac into your graveyard, you then play Inverter of Truth, and crack some artifacts for game. The Safe Havens are included to be able to lengthen the combo over two turns, meaning you don't need as much mana.

New Deck

This new deck, at the suggestion of TheWallinator74 has been completely reworked to instead use leveler to thin your deck. This upgrade means that I can use more effective artifacts, and don't have to thin my graveyard. The general strategy remains the same, however.



Unless you specifically built this deck to player with the Inverter of Truths you have lying around, I think it would just be easier to play Levelers instead/alongside them.

May 17, 2017 11:21 p.m.

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