''Nekusar is a former king who schemed to retain his power even after death. In life, he was an unpopular ruler with many enemies. He was obsessed with the machinations of his court and threats to his reign. When one of his plots to assassinate a rival backfired, Nekusar was killed in his own throne room. But he had prepared for his eventual death, and he transformed himself into a lich lord.

Nekusar has positioned himself as the secret power of the realm, and now he monitors the court with his network of informants, both living and undead. He offers knowledge to the highest bidder but at a painful price.

Nekusar has more power now than ever. He devastates his enemies by giving them what they think they want but cannot control.''

So here it is, another Nekusar deck, just like the other one's you have seen, I've wanted an moore controlled draw card effect so the ''enemy'' dosn't get a to big advantage you see,

I have the classic combo with Nekusar, the Mindrazer or Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind with Mind Over Matter and Otherworld Atlas or Temple Bell, and I've got Helm of the Ghastlord for biff up Nekusar and make an little draw/discard.

Then I have the The Locust God and Chasm Skulker + Ashnod's Altar combo for the little extra mana. And of course the Skullclamp awsell

Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre for the comeback graveyard to library then I do some wheelin.

Chasm Skulker for and big blocker and some tokens if he stays alive that long, Raiders' Wake, Megrim, and Waste Not for the discard, and Hive Mind for the fun

Meekstone and Propaganda for making it a litte difficult to attack me.

Going to tweak it so I feel that it's suits me.


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