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Lets face it, cats are in charge...

Standard Aggro GW (Selesnya) Mono-White


So this is my deck for the cat king, the one and only (except there are four) Brimaz! Love the card and its only right that a cat of his stature has a bunch of humans running around for him doing most of the work. The deck consists of;

Soldier of the Pantheon - 2/1 for one with pro multi-coloured is good.

Dryad Militant - Again a 2/1 for one and it has a sometimes useful ability of exiling instants and sorceries. Control decks running Elixir of Immortality need to get rid of it.

Boros Elite - Possible 3/3 for one? Yup.

Precinct Captain - More humans to serve the king. And first strike is relevant.

Daring Skyjek - Not massively sold on this card but a 3/1 for two that can gain flying is pretty good.

Spirit of the Labyrinth - Fuck you Sphinx's Revelation ruining me with lifegain...

Brimaz, King of Oreskos - He's so majestic and awesome. I think he is pretty self explanatory. As the pro's are saying, he gives you a reason to play white.

Frontline Medic - Can make the whole group indestructible. As most don't have a high toughness this is really useful

Ajani, Caller of the Pride - Flying and double strike is funny

Brave the Elements - Can provide much needed protection against kill spells for Brimaz and the whole team.

Spear of Heliod - More removal and a boost to all creatures

The sideboard is removal for mono black (Pack Rat, Nightveil Specter) Gideon for control because a 5/5 indestructible is good, removal for the gods, and Acolyte's Reward (that feels like it should be red) for even quicker aggro decks.


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So playing this deck for the first time went well! Game one it is just too quick for most decks. The game I lost was against an almost mirror match, but they played G/W instead. Personally I think it is pretty even as I lost it 2-1 and the final match I drew lands for 4 turns. Blood baron is stupidly good at the moment. I need more!


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