The deck name has a dual meaning: it references the song "Fly Me to the Moon", and also references my perceived wish of the moonfolk to play alongside more popular races like elves and angels.

Yep, moonfolk. Gorgeous artwork, not a lot of support. However, I think they can shine in EDH. Or at least not be terrible. The one thing they really need to be able to do well is find some way to cheat lands back onto the field. Our (thematic even) general can do that for them. To be honest, on my first pass I just threw a bunch of stuff together (with a few elementals and spirits to shake things up), and then took a look at my starting point. What I found were Infinite combos, all over the place, but focused on our general and a few other cards. Eh, whatever works. We'll run with it.

Infinite combo:
Patron of the Moon + Oboro Breezecaller + Lotus Vale (+2 Islands) -> Tap the three lands. We now have three tapped lands and 5 mana. Use 4 of the mana to use Oboro Breezecaller 's ability twice on Lotus Vale. Tapping Lotus Vale twice during this combo produces 6 more mana. Use 1 mana to put 2 lands in play with Patron of the Moon, tapped. We now have three tapped lands and (5-4+6-1) 6 mana. Repeat as necessary to go infinite. You can also replace the Lotus Vale with Scorched Ruins or any two of: Caged Sun, Gauntlet of Power, Extraplanar Lens, Training Grounds, or Amulet of Vigor. I wanted to do this with Tolarian Academy at first, but then found out the Academy was banned from EDH.

Patron of the Moon + Amulet of Vigor + Storm Cauldron = Infinite Mana

Patron of the Moon + any moonfolk with an ability that puts one land back in hand and only costs 1 mana (potentially after Training Ground) + Amulet of Vigor + any of the artifacts that double mana from islands -> Infinite uses of that moonfolk's ability + infinite mana.

Meloku the Clouded Mirror gets infinite tokens.
Soratami Mindsweeper gets infinite mill.
Soratami Rainshaper gets infinite shroud (not technically useful as infinite, but read that as enough shroud to cover whatever is important as long as you have enough mana free to start the combo, and that looks better).
Moonbow Illusionist deals infinite mana screw - the enemy needs to hope they have some way of dealing with having all of their lands turn into plains or mountains or something non-useful with only instants and artifacts. Or just use Floodbringer instead and just tap it all.

Not that you can kill someone directly even with infinite mana, except perhaps killing them with Blue Sun's Zenith. This deck isn't really built to exploit that quite so much. That's okay, in my book.

You can, however, use this to get infinite landfall. Adventuring Gear on a creature for infinite damage to that 1/1 chump blocker over there (unless you tap it first). Seer's Sundial or Soramaro, First to Dream + infinite mana nets us as many cards as we need to hit our win conditions. Roil Elemental steals all of the creatures, even if there are infinite of them (if you happen to combo into this after infinite creatures were created but before they attack you). Infinitely playing Radiant Fountain or Seraph Sanctuary means infinite life as well.

Silly land tricks:Pay to turn Faerie Conclave into a creature. Block an opponent. Use a moonfolk power to bounce it back to your hand so that you can replay it.

Play thawing glacier with Amulet of Vigor on the field. Pay to search for an island which enters untapped. Bounce the thawing glacier to your hand and immediately play it untapped again with the commander. Continue until you run out of mana. Even without an alternate source of bouncing a land, you can get a basic land on each turn, including your opponents'...

Hold Glacial Chasm in hand until after the opponent has committed to the attack. Use Patron of the Moon to drop it into the field. If the life loss from the upkeep is more problematic than the loss of a land, bounce it back to your hand. Even at this cost, it is pretty much a out of color Constant Mists. This is even better if you have Eternity Vessel and can just keep hiding in your glaciers until you hit a win condition.

Maze of Ith, crazy good by itself, is even better with Amulet of Vigor and a way to bounce it back to your hand and back onto the field.


Updates Add

I recently updated the deck to try to make it more able to consistently hit win conditions. Especially after I managed to get infinite mana in a game but lost because I couldn't find anything to do with it.

I removed all non-moonfolk (edit: except two spirits. I keep forgetting Soramaro, First to Dream isn't actually moonfolk). Roil Elemental was great, but unless I was already winning the game anyway, it usually just generated a lot of hate. It pretty much dies on hitting the board. I also pulled a few cards I was trying to be too cute with. Moved a lot of the cuts to the sideboard if you want to see what was culled from the deck.

In its place were a few more lands and ways to find lands. Armillary Sphere , for example, and Myriad Landscape . Surveyor's Scope is also on my radar, but I want to playtest it. It should be easy to hit the condition, especially with Lotus Vale , Scorched Ruins , and Khalni Gem in the deck... but it isn't a guarantee. I'm leaning towards it going in, since it mostly helps smooth out bad land draws. I think helping consistency is worth it being a dead draw in some other games.

Retreat to Coralhelm is new, and great with infinite landfall as it allows you to stack your deck. It is also good early to help you find either combo pieces or lands as necessary. If you are missing a way to draw cards to fully go off, it give you a way to put it on top of the deck, while tapping down all creatures for a turn to hopefully keep you alive until you can untap and draw.

Horn of Greed is really really good in the deck, but something you need to be careful of since it isn't a "may draw". It's good for getting a combo set up, though, and if you manage to piece together an infinite combo you have three outs: Words of Wind , Cryptic Command , and Capsize all allow you to bounce the horn back to hand.

Planar Portal and Ring of Three Wishes are in to help find the last puzzle piece to go infinite. Also with infinite mana and a way to get them back into hand ( Capsize , or card draw and Words of Wind ), you can use them to tutor up whatever you want from the deck, bounce them to hand, and then replay them. It may take 16 or so mana to tutor up a single card, but that hardly matters if you have infinite mana, right?

Staff of Domination is in as another way to use infinite mana to get all the cards you need from the draw deck. It doubles in the early game as a way to use non-infinite amounts of mana to get an extra card when you have the mana to spare.

The game plan is usually as follows:
1> Try to survive a few turns. Being moonfolk and a non-threat can be helpful here, but this probably depends on your group. Mana Breach , Overburden , and Storm Cauldron are often really good early disruption to slow other decks down. Try to get some card draw or card filtering on the table to work towards an infinite mana combo. Hoard counterspells as there are only a few in the deck as insurance against someone else winning or protecting our combo.

2> Wait to go infinite until a repeatable card draw effect or a tutor to get the card draw is in hand or on the table. Fortunately there is a reasonably good chance this is the case as this can be any one of ten or so cards.

3> Go infinite with mana, but make sure you have enough starting mana to start the combo two or preferably three times. This way, if someone plays an instant to try to interrupt the combo, you can just restart the combo on the other side of the opponent's disruption and leave that effect on the stack until you can either deal with it or it no longer matters.

4> If you want to ensure a lock, find Uyo, Silent Prophet , Soratami Rainshaper , Soratami Savant , and Floodbringer . Play them in that order. Uyo ensures you win any counter wars (just copy theirs and counter any opposing spells on the stack). The Rainshaper gives you shroud at instant speed, allowing you to protect the Savant who will then be able to mana leak everything else the opponents try that isn't uncounterable or split second. Finally Floodbringer will allow you to tap down all their land.

4a> If you want, Sunder and Cyclonic Rift for a flawless victory.

5> Move to second main phase to clear out any mana the opponents have in their pools. If your opponents haven't reacted by this point, they probably don't have anything they can do, but it doesn't hurt to be sure.

6> Play Meloku the Clouded Mirror if you want to give the opponents a (not very) sporting chance to get out from the lock as you'll need to wait a turn before you can attack. Otherwise, go with Soratami Mindsweeper to mill their decks and then use Mikokoro, Center of the Sea for the simultaneous kill.

Anyway, if you've reached this far, I appreciate you taking the time to read my rambling thoughts. I welcome any input that you may have on cards to improve the deck. I probably won't add any creatures due to the tribal feel, but would welcome suggestions of creatures that would help the deck anyway. Any honorable mentions (if any) will probably go into the sideboard as a way to display cards that someone else could use to take the deck in a different direction.


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