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Lemme Play That Deck For You

Standard UB (Dimir)


Something I put together for the upcoming states tournament. Constructive criticism/tips are appreciated.


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Finally had all the pieces to run this at the FNM I frequent for some actual deck-testing :D Did fairly well (got 3rd). I found out that I use Nightveil Specter A LOT so he went back main. Also deciding to put in the scry land Temple of Deceit since the more scry this deck has, the better it seemed to run. Seeming to have issues getting it to my win-cons within the allotted time limit >_> had two draws in my matches. All in all however it ran fairly well, winning 3 different ways; once with Liliana of the Dark Realms and Mind Grind, once with Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver stealing a creature to win with, and a couple times with AEtherling. Lookin to make the final tweaks before states next week :D

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