Lemme just gain a buncha life here...


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Played this at another small Standard tournament yesterday. Went 3-1 with the new changes. Something it still wants badly is a reset button. One game, I took a Craterhoof attack from a Junk Tokens player for about 250 damage (he had over 15 creatures in play, mostly Lingering Souls and various Garruk and Sorin tokens). I had three Faithmenders and Trostani in play, with multiple Thragtusks and beast tokens. Each time I cast a Restoration Angel and bounced a Thragtusk, it was worth 32 for the Angel Trostani trigger + 40 for Thragtusk ETB + 24 for Thragtusk Trostani trigger + 24 Beast token Trostani trigger, so 120 life. Sadly, he had a second Craterhoof for the next turn and I lost the game.

I think what I'll try next is some Cyclonic Rifts in the sideboard. One of those overloaded, late game, might be exactly what I need.

Played this last night to a 2-2 finish. Some things are problematic first game, like the total lack of removal. Negate was often a blowout second game, they totally didn't see it coming. Any deck that runs removal that can kill my 1/5s and 2/5s is a problem - the deck looks silly if they just kill every Faithmender that hits the board.

When the deck wins, it wins SLOW. The conservative play is almost always the correct one.

Still not sure this shouldn't just be Omnidoor Thragvelation or Craterhoof Elfball. Deck needs more mana dorks, badly. This leads directly into me wanting more Craterhoofs.


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