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Thoughts on abusing ramp and lifegain in late 2012 Standard.


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Played this at another small Standard tournament yesterday. Went 3-1 with the new changes. Something it still wants badly is a reset button. One game, I took a Craterhoof attack from a Junk Tokens player for about 250 damage (he had over 15 creatures in play, mostly Lingering Souls and various Garruk and Sorin tokens). I had three Faithmenders and Trostani in play, with multiple Thragtusks and beast tokens. Each time I cast a Restoration Angel and bounced a Thragtusk, it was worth 32 for the Angel Trostani trigger + 40 for Thragtusk ETB + 24 for Thragtusk Trostani trigger + 24 Beast token Trostani trigger, so 120 life. Sadly, he had a second Craterhoof for the next turn and I lost the game.

I think what I'll try next is some Cyclonic Rifts in the sideboard. One of those overloaded, late game, might be exactly what I need.


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