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Hi everyone. I am making a modern exile mill deck.The basic idea is to exile my opponent's library.I like the ability to mill my opponent preventing graveyard strategies,removing possible win cons, and winning without needing to beat down.

I struggle with - early aggression from other decks often finding that I am quite slow so I was thinking about maybe using things such as Ensnaring Bridge,Cruel Reality or Sunken Hope. - I am also mana constrained at times which leads me to want to use Oblivion Sower to take cards that have been exiled by Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver,Eradicate + Wind Zendikon , or Oblivion Sower itself to smooth out later levels- I also struggle with Hexproof opponents,so I may need some bounce spells

Above everything I would like to stick to the core idea of multi exile spells (either spells that exile X cards or spells that exile all cards with the same name like in the maybe board)

**I would like to go light/no creatures if at all possible.

Any constructive criticism or help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you for to anyone who leaves any advice :)


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