Something I'm looking to play at GTC Gameday. Turn 1. play mountain. cast legion swing for 1. Turn 2. play land. cast burning-tree then lightning, swing for 5. Turn 3 play land. cast either rancor or madcap swing for 7.(Opponent life is at 7.) Turn 4. cast Hellrider. gg. Suggestions are always welcome :) and the only thing I need to complete the deck is 3 more Hellriders, 2 burning-tree and the 4 shocklands. Skullcrack over the searing spear only cuz it stops them from gaining life. and the trample from legion battalion is good enough for creature control. Siding the spear though. Madcap is another ridiculous good card for low mana and i get a lot out of it just for that low mana. Pillar is for that creature control or I can cast 2 for 4 damage to the face versus spending 2 mana for a spear.


Update #1: -4 Slaughterhorns/+4 Ash Zealots -3 Rancor/+3 Rakdos Crackler

Ended games faster with the ash zealots and cacklers. Madcap is still a great addition and still has great synergy with Legion Loyalist. Won more games when replacing the slaughterhorns and rancors with ash zealot and rakdos cackler.

Burning tree is still a great combo with lightning mauler turn 2 and come up about 65% of my games.


start021 says... #1

Congratulations... you can beat a goldfish. First of all, there is no reason not to use Giant Growth over Slaughterhorn, it's just better. Second, Burning Tree Emissary is mediocre. It synergies with one card in your deck, and you need both on turn 2 for it to be effective. Short window + low odds = bad outcomes. Ash Zealot is far better in the 2 slot, as it is first strike, haste, and it punishes Lingering Souls

February 3, 2013 12:35 p.m.

Vhyxalas says... #2

Agreed, Zealot and Strangleroot Geist are much better as 2 drops, and if you're going to bloodrush anything, I'd go with Ghor-Clan Rampager . also recommend maybe something like Thundermaw as a finisher, and you should have something in the board to deal with things like blind obedience, which all but shuts you down. BTE might be a good accelerator, but it's rarely a good later game top-deck

February 3, 2013 10:01 p.m.

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